DellaBlooms Coe Tran Waverly Peach Bouquet

Your Wedding Flowers are important to us!

Here are some steps in the process of designing your wedding flowers.  When we order your flowers from local growers or wholesalers, we’ve counted each and every stem we’ll need to create the lush style we’re known for.  We love to use at least 3 types of greenery when your desire is a garden look, for that loose, organic style. This gives us volume and depth to snuggle the blooms into the foliage.  We receive our flowers early in the week of your wedding and examine them carefully to make sure they are fresh,  the correct color, and length for the intended designs.  If they are not exactly what we’ve ordered they are sent back and replaced immediately.

Some blooms stay out in our studio for several days to open up.  We watch them daily and pop them into the cooler as soon as they are the perfect shape.  There they stay until they are used in the bouquets, centerpieces, and other designs.  Some are kept aside for transport to the venue for the ceremony or reception for special on-site designs.

The morning of the wedding the bouquets are checked and ribbons added.  Boutonnieres and wrist cuffs are counted and labeled, centerpieces are counted again and checked for shape.  Some premium blooms are added at the last minute before heading to the wedding.  We arrive early to make sure the bouquets are with the bride and her maids for those pre-ceremony photos.  The ceremony decor is designed on site right before the guests arrive and the boutonnieres are pinned on.  During this time we work closely with your photographer for detail shots.

Centerpieces are added to the tables and other special designs such as the cake, stairways, mantles, head tables, place cards designs and other custom pieces are checked before cocktail hour begins.

During cocktail hour our staff is often busy flipping the ceremony designs to the reception space, and at the end of the night, we return to take down our structures, pick up our rentals, and strike other designs so the venue can repeat the process the next day.

After this late night pick up our work is not completed until all items are returned to our studio or warehouse clean and ready for the next wedding or event.  The late night staff is paid fairly and usually, we provide a meal for them as it’s a very long day’s work.


Wedding and event floral designer, owner and creative director of DellaBlooms, Columbia, MD