DellaBlooms’ New Logo Artwork


To celebrate National Mermaid day, yes, it’s a thing, I’m excited to introduce our new logo designed and painted by real live mermaid Randi O’Sullivan-Artist from Rodanthe, NC.  Randi is also my daughter in love and she is incredibly talented.  Randi is from Maryland but moved the beach 5 years ago with my son, Blake.  They have carved out a wonderful life on Hatteras Island and love their community.  Randi OSullivan Artist

I knew Randi could design my logo, but it was hard finalizing what I wanted.  In the world of flowers, I could go in any direction; succulents, tropicals, wedding bouquets, etc. but I wanted my logo to represent me and the DellaBlooms brand.  My love of plants and their flowers and foliage goes way back to my childhood. Playing in the gardens of my grandparents evokes such wonderful memories.  I remember the Hollyhocks, Verbena, Lilac, roses, apple and pear trees, asparagus, and other common landscape in a suburban Midwest town.  I have vivid memories of each of their location, the bend of their branches and fragrant blooms.  The pears became weapons for throwing on occasion at the each other, but each summer they became mouth-watering, juicy pear preserves for slathering on toast.  The apples became applesauce in the fall and the asparagus landed on our plates each spring.

But the flowers were burned into my memory.  I don’t remember cutting them, just admiring them.  I’m still stopped in my tracks to gaze upon a handsome tree, lovely landscape or anything growing!

Back to the logo…. Della was my grandmother’s sister’s name and even though I never met her I always loved hearing Grandma talk about her and the way her name rolled off her tongue.  “Della” or “Dell” is how she referred to her older sister.  So when naming my company I chose it to go with Blooms because I liked the way it rolled off my tongue. It was lyrical, soft, pretty, and it worked!

Here’s a photo of Della, on the left with her sister Lula and my great-grandparents.  I look into her sweet face and see familiarity.  I am called, “Della” often and that’s a good thing I guess as for when they see me they automatically think of my brand.  If you slip and call me Della, I won’t correct you, it’s OK.  DellaBlooms Della

Fast forward to the logo design…  I knew I wanted some connection to my past, my family, my heritage, my world, a logo with movement, botanical details, soft pretty flowers, and foliages. I knew I wanted a wreath to represent the circle of life, the circle of my love of plants and flowers which continues to grow deeper as each season cycles, and the circle of the season of my life which led to becoming a designer and Chief Artistic director at DellaBlooms.

DellaBlooms Dana HSM Shoot Jan 2016

Dana O’Sullivan, DellaBlooms, Owner

Randi began designing the logo and sending me some ideas on paper.  Randi OSullivan Artist DellaBlooms logo process

These drafts were not designed digitally, but hand-drawn and painted each time.   Randi OSullivan Artist DellaBlooms logo process2

Oooh, now we’re getting closer and I love the lavender and berries she’s added here. della_logo_midsized

Ahhh, this is it!  The botanical details of the leaves, the lavender, the whimsical flow of the foliages, it’s perfect!  It matches my taglines; organic, lush, and intuitive floral designs”.  Thank you Randi!  Read more about this mermaid with a paintbrush, Randi here.  This past fall Randi and Blake got married, look for a blog post coming soon of their wedding at Koru Beach Klub.



Wedding and event floral designer, owner and creative director of DellaBlooms, Columbia, MD